Why the Hackers Way may be the right way for your business

I have just read an article in the Fortune magazine about the inner workings of Facebook and a core part of their modus operandi is what they call the Hackers Way.

What has hacking got to do with my business you may ask? Well the Hackers Way is all about continuous improvement and iteration.

Facebook is currently valued at $80+ million so there may be something about continuous improvement that could benefit your business. Continuous improvement is one of our 10 core values here at Jungle Property so this all strikes a cord for us (not the $80 million bit!). Each day we come to the office to solve problems and improve on what we did yesterday…..

Don’t accept anything as it is – make it easier, faster, safer or more fun – do it with less and do it daily. Wherever you are, is where your future journey begins. Learning and improvement is for life and more of a marathon rather than a sprint.

Improvement is for everyone – we are all responsible for improving our life and our work. Respond to the changing environment by recognising that was the best yesterday may not be the best today.

It is always the simple that produces the marvellous. Be inquisitive, challenge the status quo and implement small incremental changes. Rather than doing one thing 1000% better, do a 1000 things 1% better. The continual alignment of small improvements will transform your life and the lives of other team members, customers and partners.

Improve as an individual or as a team but just do it – quickly, easily, persistently, tenaciously.

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