Can my tenant fit his woodburning stove himself?

In England & Wales, there are two routes to achieve a safe and legal installation:

1. Installation by a HETAS registered installer

When a HETAS registered engineer has completed an installation, they self-certify their work as compliant with legal requirements. The consumer will receive a HETAS Certificate of Compliance and the installation is notified to the local authority Building Control department so that there is filed evidence of the engineer completing work that is compliant with Building Regulations.

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2. Installation by an unregistered person

For an unregistered person to install a solid fuel appliance, flue liner, hearth, flue system or anything between and including hearth and chimney pot, plans have to be submitted to, and passed by, your Local Authority’s Building Control Department.

When the work has been completed, Building Control have to pass off the job as satisfactory and then issue a HETAS Certificate of Compliance. Local Authorities charge for this. You will also need to supply and fix a Data Plate specifying the work done and any limitations of use. This is a legal requirement. Sample Data Plates can be found in Building Regulation Document J.

In the event of an insurance fire claim your insurance company will require the HETAS Certificate of Compliance.

A note about chimneys and chimney lining

There is no regulation requiring an existing chimney to be lined.

However, the installer of any appliance must satisfy themselves that the chimney is free from defects and suitable for its intended use. If any work undertaken on the chimney (including installation of a new liner) is done in conjunction with the installation of a heating appliance, then that work is a controlled service and must be undertaken by a Competent Person or approved by your Local Authority Building Control Department. Note also that any alteration to a fireplace which renders it capable of being used for a different fuel – e.g. from gas to solid fuel, is subject to Building Regulations.

Is your installation safe and legal?

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