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The evolution of the Jungle Property brand promise

Launched in May 2010 our brand promise at that time was to deliver great customer service – something as rare as hens teeth in the property sector. Just months after our launch we won our first award for outstanding customer service … Continue reading

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The 3 biggest mistakes landlords make

The three mostly costly mistakes landlords make: 1. Invest in inappropriate property. Buy-to-let landlords who buy a property purely on personal taste without considering what property or area would give them the best yield or what the real demand is. … Continue reading

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Give your customers permission to talk

Give your customers permission to communicate easily. Ask for their advice, their feedback, both positive and negative. Few companies ask their customers for praise, and lose the opportunity to celebrate and perpetuate that type of outstanding performance. However, very few … Continue reading

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Enough is Enough – Stop Estate Agent Spin

Many estate agents locally ‘dabble’ in letting so I can’t help but notice the ‘spin’ that they bring to the party. Mary Portas on Secret Shopper last night finally pulled the rug from under the feet of slimy estate agents. … Continue reading

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