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Another load of old estate agents speak

I couldn’t help but notice a property that appeared on the market yesterday is described with the same old estate agents drivel….. Would suit a professional couple or single person – What is a professional couple? Can we take it … Continue reading

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If you were the boss, what would you change?

Inspired by Andy Hanselman’s Thinking in 3D ask the following question if you were the boss, what would you change? – ask your employees, partners and clients. Ask new employees, partners and clients and long-standing ones too. This is just … Continue reading

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Allowable expenses on landlords rental income

As we start a new tax year I have just sent out annual statements to clients. It is perhaps a good time to remind landlords what expenses are allowable. Broadly speaking, in calculating rental business profits a taxpayer can deduct … Continue reading

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Two more books added to the Jungle Property library

In the post I announced the launch of the Jungle Property Library. Today I announce two new additions to inspire and educate – enjoy! What’s the Secret? to Providing a World-Class Customer Experience – John R. DiJulius III (ISBN … Continue reading

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Landlords do you know the difference between a tenant and a lodger?

I recently met a tenant who told me he was having a difficult time with his landlord who had made him sign a document titled ‘Lodger Agreement’. As the conversation progressed, I quickly realised that the tenant was exactly that … Continue reading

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Why some landlords and letting agents have got it wrong on pets

A blanket ban on pets seems to be quite common amongst landlord and letting agents here  in Mid-Somerset. One local ‘kitchen table’ agent proudly advertises a ‘No pets’ clause in all his Tenancy Agreements as one of his unique selling … Continue reading

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