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What have we done for you (customers) in 2012?

Every day is the first day of your life and a time for reflection on what you have achieved. At Jungle Property, reflecting on what we have achieved does not revolve around the calendar on the wall but we are … Continue reading

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Landlord and tenant responsibility for pests – what guidance does the law provide?

Determining precisely who is responsible for pests, landlord or tenant, can be a grey area. But what guidance does the law give us? The following questions and answers should help guide you through relevant legislation and the most well known … Continue reading

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Landlords – don’t trust a failed second-hand car salesman with your property – use a letting specialist

4 stories, 4 clients, 3 estate agents, all in this area, all in the last month… Estate Agent A is a long-established agent and sadly they don’t know how to protect deposits. This is from 2 unconnected clients. If someone … Continue reading

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